About me

I've always had a strong interest in prehistoric places which began in childhood growing up just a few miles from Avebury in Wiltshire. In 2006 I started this personal project photographing ancient monuments around the UK usually when I was travelling to or from commercial photographic jobs, finding sites of interest to stop off at on my travels. Since then it has become a bit of an obsession and I sometimes build journeys around areas which allow me to visit as many places as possible. Part of the interest for me in these ancient sites stems from our limited knowledge regarding their original functions. It's fairly easy to speculate the functions of most barrows in the landscape, but as to stone circles, standing stones and 'hill forts', it's not always that obvious. They do however almost always share one thing in common which is about their positioning in the landscape. They're almost always built in prominent positions, to be seen or shown off perhaps and in quite beautiful places too. I think our ancestors had a very keen aesthetic.


I have worked as a professional photographer since 1985 and my career has covered music, portraiture, design, architecture and events. In 2004 I had a solo exhibition in the National Portrait Gallery London as well as many other exhibitions, often working with my wife Alison Milner. A selection of the photographs on this website were shown at the Treasure House Beverley in West Yorkshire in 2012 and The Wiltshire Museum, Devizes in 2015. The aim of the site is to attract further possible venues for this ever-increasing collection as well as bringing lesser known ancient sites to a wider public audience.


Please note - The images on this website have been scaled down to 72dpi and are therefore lower resolution than the originals, some of which are 1 metre in length at 300dpi. 

Please enquire for licensing, publishing rights or exhibitions.

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